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About Us

The Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce, organized in 1961, is a partnership of business, professional, and community people working together to make Clover a healthy and great place to live, work and play. The main objective of our chamber is to support Clover area businesses, and to build a healthy economic, business-friendly environment to promote the best quality of life for our community.

The Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce is operated by its members, and represented by an active and committed Board of Directors, that seeks input from its membership in setting the goals and establishing the policies of the organization.

As stakeholders in the community, the Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce has a vested interest in the sustainability of the local economic environment and advocates bringing Clover businesses and the community together. As we work to improve our community’s economy, and the over-all quality of life for Clover residents, our chamber is guided by these objectives: to help businesses prosper and grow, to increase job opportunities, to encourage a logical development and expansion of all segments of the community, and to contribute to the overall economic growth and stability of the community.

Our Mission

To serve our members and enhance our community by building business success.  We are driven to develop and nurture relationships with various community sectors to facilitate the needs and interest of the business community.

Our Vision

The Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce will be recognized as an effective resource, working to support the prosperity of our members and enhancing the business climate and quality of life in Clover, SC.


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